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Formerly the hat rack standing on the crossroads of Ligovsky and Nekrasova, then the hat rack an arms reach from the Fontanka and then the hat rack ON Naberezhnaya reki fontanki. Now, the hat rack who is wandering lost.



Floating City Cardboard Sculpture by Nina Lindgren

Exposed to the Art Gallery Art Rebels in Copenhagen, “Floating City” is a cardboard sculpture created by a Swedish illustrator and designer Nina Lindgren. This incredible structure measuring about two meters of diameter and is made simply with cardboard and glue for a truly creative and unique result.

"Anderson is compelling to watch. In person she is obviously beautiful, but something extraordinary happens to her face on screen. Hers is an unconventional beauty – her translucent skin and almost melancholic features not really fitting the modern Hollywood mould. " [x]



Some Very British Problems (x

Canadian problems too…

kate walsh presenting at the 66th annual emmy awards

kate walsh presenting at the 66th annual emmy awards

Adam Scott’s Scholarly Analysis Of “Ice Ice Baby” (x)


Michel Lamoller:  tautochronos

a research about the possibilities of melting several moments in time down into one. ongoing project.

"Spin it around, and back it on up!"

"Can you re-enact your reaction to being cast in a Marvel movie?" [x]